Thanks for the response. I’ve tried many different file types like glTF formats etc but could only get into the html coding and work out how to change the suppliers viewer to take out all of the extra writing that they place on for advertising and change the function button placement of the menus buttons. It’s kept all of the functionality as I did it in edit. I can’t seem to change the coding for glTF for example. I’ve tried to upload the glTF to my site and add an html code, I frame code, etc it to the directory but it keeps on coming up as a error 404. This is due to the fact that it does not know where to read for a viewer. This is why I thought this free viewer would be great but I don’t know if it will read all the settings that I’ve created like in something in sketchfab for eg. I’ve read through the instructions and I know all of this can be done in this program ie placement of lighting ect but I prefer to do it in other programs.