Installation on 1&1

  • Installing IdeaSpace on a webserver at 1and1

    Date: 7th of may 2016
    Author: Christophe Leske, [email protected]
    Version: v1.3

    [ Note: you can also download these instructions as a PDF file ]

    The installation of IdeaSpace on a server of the german provider 1and1 ("1&1") is pretty straightforward. The author has sucessfully installed the CMS on a "1&1 Unlimited Plus" web hosting plan. Any hosting plan with PHP 5.9 support and MySQL-database setup should be fine. In case of doubt, please refer to the requirements page for installing IdeaSpace (

    The installation consists of several steps:

    1. Choosing whether you would like to install IdeaSpace on a true domain or subdomain, or ...

    2. installing the package into a subfolder of an existing domain (e.g. "").

    3. The following step is to set up a MySQL database to be used with your site. You either do this in the "1&1" control center for your domain, or by coming from your 1&1 account page, then choosing the contract, then selecting "MySQL-Database".
      This will bring you to the database administration page for your account. Create a new database (the page should have a button entitled "new database" at the top), and enter the required information:

    • an description for the database (this is just for you, it is not important for the setup),

    • and a master password for accessing it (select one and note it down, you will have to provide it later on when installing IdeaSpace).

      Screenshot showing how to set up a new MySQL database

    1. Finally create the database, and you will be taken to a page summarizing the info provided (minus the password). Take note of all the infos (HINT: the username for the database has an additional "o" in the name, beware! See the screenshot below).
      Screenshot showing how to set up a new MySQL database

    2. Download IdeaSpace from
      Do this by either downloading the ZIP locally and re-uploading the files to your server using an FTP-client like Filezilla, or open an SSH connection to your server, navigate or attribute a directory in which you would like to install the software, and pull down either one of the provided archives via "wget". Once done, untar the archive.

    3. The rest of the setup is ought to be automatic - depending on whether you installed IdeaSpace on a domain or in a subfolder,
      you either simply call up ...

    4. This should bring you to the installation page for IdeaSpace, where you have to specify which database, host, user and password the CMS should be using.

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