Enrich the Pro Theme, UX Dashboard and more....

  • Hello all.

    We recently purchased the Pro theme and is good but there is some things can be better easyly, in the icons you can include in the hotspot there are just 3 options, I don´t understand why there is no all the fontawesome icon options if fontawesome is yet in the folder structure.
    Another issue is that we are using this template for large tours so kind of organization with folder structure for images or at least the name of files will be very useful.
    Kind of mini 2D map will be wishfull.
    For sure at the end we will develop our own theme but I left here some "easy" suggestions.
    Anyway there are plenty of elements that can be included, just as an example if you know this project, it uses the same libraries:


    Thank you anyway, this project is fantastic.


  • @dao-li Hi, thanks for the feedback. We don't use fontawesome for the icons, but it is a good idea. For the mini map we would need to add a field type which allows you to position a dot on an image.

    Interesting link about the live tour lab. We will work on a video theme and maybe a theme which combines videos and static images. Cheers.

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