Building a Webpage with IdeaSpace

  • Hey all,

    I'm trying to build a webpage using IdeaSpace. I have IdeaSpace installed and everything is working fine. I've located the welcome_frontpage.blade.php file in the 'IdeaSpace/resources/views/frontpage' directory. I've changed the code in this file with the html/css code for my webpage. It displays the text correctly, but I have an image that is not showing up on my site when I visit it ( The image file is located in the same directory as the welcome_frontpage.blade.php file, so it should be showing up on the site. When I test the site locally it looks fine.

    Does anyone have any tips on how I should be creating my site with IdeaSpace or how to fix this image issue? Thanks!

  • Hi,

    it would be better to create a custom theme instead of editing the frontpage template:
    It does not have to be a VR theme, it can be anything really.

    Once you have your theme in place, you would create a new space using this theme. If you want this theme to show up on your front page, you can take a look at the IdeaSpaceVR Settings and configure your space to show up on the front page of your site.

    Hope this helps. If you still prefer to edit the welcome_frontpage.blade.php template, let me look at your site. I could not access it right now.

  • Thanks! Here's the link to our GitHub repo.

    We're trying to build a site where people can go to view and create vr stories. I'll have to read through the theme documentation you sent, but if you need more info about our project, let me know. Thank you!

  • @julien_b Your project sounds like a good idea! 🙂

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