Installation Issue

  • I'm trying to install IdeaSpaceVR on a VirtualBox VM that has Ubuntu Server (18.04.1). I've gone through the list of server requirements and have all the PHP extensions listed installed and enabled. I also created a MySQL database with an authorized user. I have Apache installed with mod_rewrite enabled and I've configured the 'apache2.conf' file for the '/var/www/' directory to "AllowOverride All" . I've copied all the IdeaSpace-1.1.5 folder contents including the .htaccess file into the directory '/var/www/html/vr' on the server. When I access the subdirectory ( in my browser to run the installation script, all I get is a blank white page. I never see the 'Checking Server Requirements' page. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  • Did you configure Apache so that it executes index.php instead of index.html ? Are there any errors in the Apache log files?

  • Okay, I got it. I had to alter the permission of the document root folder for the website.

    'chown -R www-data:www-data foldername'


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