Framerate drop

  • hello, i've creating a project using this ideaspace and i've found a problem. the problem is ideaspace is loading all image which have big resolution and this thing make the web framerate dropping. i've tried using a frame manually and there's no problem with that. any idea how to fix this? since i'll creating a big tour using this

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    @zynth17 Hi, just to understand your issue correctly: the framerate drops while the images are loading? or after loading the images? which device and browser?

  • the framrate drop after the browser loading
    when i move the camera its become very laggy
    also i got like 200+ warning about three.math nearestpoweroftwo has been rename to floorpoweroftwo

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    @zynth17 which device and browser? You can ignore the warning, it is A-Frame / three.js.

  • i using it on pc and using google chrome. but on the mobile device its also become laggy.

  • well seems like the framerate only drop when using google chrome. im trying to open it on mozilla and theres no problem with it

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    @zynth17 Looks like it is a browser issue then...

  • well maybe, but when i try making a new space with only one photosphere there's no problem with it. the framerate is also normal.

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    @zynth17 I guess the framerate drops while all images are loading, and browsers handle that process differently. But once they are loaded and there is sufficient memory available to hold all images, the framerate should stay constant. Maybe service workers loading images in the background would help?

  • maybe it can. never tried service worker before.

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