DB Connection Problem

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  • @WeddingDJ
    Also if you send me your address you will get some swag! I am presenting at Mozz Fest next weekend and am under a crunch to get this up and running. I know how amazing it will Be!

  • @WeddingDJ
    I can do that and it says welcome to MySQL monitor... but I still cannot get past the connect to database page for step 6.

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    @drhstone Did you create a database in MySQL? For the MySQL user name: did you run the following statement in MySQL (granting user access to your database)? grant all privileges on YOUR_DB_NAME.* to 'YOUR_USERNAME'@'localhost';

  • Got it working. Thank you!

  • @WeddingDJ Hi, I am facing the same issue with step 6, I am able to see the Ideaspace working in the web browser but when given the DB credentials, it says Database connection error. I have granted all privileges on the DB but still facing the same issue. Am i missing something important here which is stopping the Ideaspace web application from connecting to my DB?
    P.S.: I am using MYSQL as the DB.
    Would appreciate a response :) thanks

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    @am507u Is your database accessible through 'localhost'? Some providers offer their databases only via a domain name, eg. mysql.your-domain.com

  • @WeddingDJ thanks for your response. Yes it is accessible through localhost.

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    @am507u You could take a look at storage/logs/laravel.log if there are any errors.

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