Installing IdeaSpaceVR to AWS (Amazon Web Services)

  • Hello, I'm trying to install IdeaSpaceVR through AWS through beanstalk and have the zip file uploaded with the environment created along with the DB created as well. However, I am not sure how to go about connecting the DB through AWS or what scripts I need to put into config/database.php for it to connect. Is anyone familiar with AWS beanstalk? I have also tried to open the url that was created by aws and nothing comes up. Please help.

  • To better understand your issue, after you uploaded and unpacked the files, could you reach the IdeaSpaceVR installation process (where you have to enter the DB details)?

  • No, it takes me to an error page (Forbidden - You don't have permission to access / on this server.). I am uploading the source files through elastic beanstalk. The upload asks for the zip file of ideaspace rather than unpacking the files. The elastic beanstalk does the unpacking for me.

  • I don't know beanstalk but there are maybe permission settings in order to allow access to / on your server. Or did you try to create a sub-directory and upload IdeaSpaceVR there?

    Basically IdeaSpaceVR is very similar to installing Wordpress, did you have a look at this tutorial?

  • Thanks for sharing the reference, I am also in support of using WordPress because its installation process is quite easier, I am using WordPress server on managed cloud hosting platform it works well for me. Many managed hosting providers offer Ideaspacevr.

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