IdeaSpaceVR Release v1.1.1

    • If content is referenced within a space, and if the referenced content is deleted, a warning is shown. If user decides to delete the content the reference is deleted as well (preventing internal server error in a space).

    • Theme: IdeaSpace 360: hotspots, all text characters are now working

    • Theme: IdeaSpace 360 Photo Tour: hotspots, all text characters are now working; bug fix: image loading timeout if DOM not ready; hide controller models if not in VR mode

    • Use Tinymce for rich text editor (field types: textinput and textarea); Medium editor deprecated

    • Added support for animated GIF images

    • Configurable preview thumbnail images for content list

    • Dynamically configure GD or Imagick image driver depending on PHP configuration

    • Removed settings option for showing latest spaces on front page

    • Upload photo spheres: added checkbox to decide if original image dimension should be kept

    • Upgraded to A-Frame 0.8.2

    • New theme added: Welcome theme

    UPGRADE from v1.1.0 to latest v1.1.1:

    1. Make a backup of your IdeaSpaceVR installation directory

    2. Extract the latest release and copy all files to your installation directory

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