Blurry output for photospheres

  • Hi, I was creating a tour using photo tour, and also I created the same tour using simple a-frame coding. The quality of image was vastly different, as ideaspace tour image was looking blurry. Any reason for this and how to rectify this?

    Ideaspace image snip:
    0_1527933887258_Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 3.27.42 PM.png

    Basic A-frame code image snip:
    0_1527933945820_Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 3.27.32 PM.png

  • @thomas Hi, uploaded photo sphere images are resized to the nearest power of two dimensions in order to avoid resizing by A-Frame / three.js.

    What is the original resolution of your photo sphere?

    The next IdeaSpaceVR release will have an option to avoid automatic resizing:

    0_1528081336077_Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 22.59.22.png

  • I checked for the resizing issue and the image already has power of 2 dimensions (4096*2048). So both have same resolutions but image quality varies. Also, I tried the newer version to prevent auto resize, but same issue.

  • @thomas In your A-Frame code, do you use a-sky?

    In the photo tour I am using an entity having the same radius as a-sky (5000), the only difference is in the material component, I use side:double whereas a-sky uses side:front AND segmentsHeight: 64 instead of segmentsHeight: 20 in a-sky

    In /themes/ideaspace-360-photo-tour/views/scene.blade.php

                    geometry="primitive: sphere; radius: 5000; segmentsWidth: 64; segmentsHeight: 64"
                    material="shader: flat; side: double; color: #FFFFFF"
                    scale="-1 1 1"
                    rotation="0 -90 0" id="photosphere">

    You could change the segementsHeight attribute in the photo tour scene. If this solves the issue, it would be a bug in the theme.

    UPDATE: could you attach both photo sphere images to a post? the original one which you use in your coded a-frame scene and the blurry one which is shown in the photo tour space?

  • @thomas My photospheres do not show quality differences before and after upload, but I guess the differences are just not visible. For debugging it would help if you could send me your original photosphere image as the quality issue is very visible.

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