Installation fails on unmanaged VPS LAMP server

  • @Miguel ok, as long as you upload your texture files as well, it should work in the 3D model theme as well.

  • @WeddingDJ

    Thank you for your remarks again. i am shure mod_rewrite is enabled, it is in the virtualhost file etc. and the .htaccess is also there. It is correct however, that the index.php in the url show up nevertheless. i have searched for errors, but will continue to check where it goes wrong, something must be... Sorry for asking so much from you, appreciate it. I feel I am close to a working system, but not yet 🙂

  • @Miguel I would be interested in your issue with your 3D model and textures, do you have more infos on that, especially the image texture format.

  • Hello @WeddingDJ, I have succeeded in making everything work, in the end the mod_rewrite works finally. So I can upload models, preview them, remove them etc. Thumbnails are generated quite fast as well despite the big files (50-60MB) It is a great program! BUT... models show up in weird perspective, I cannot pan and zoom, just rotating in some way. Maybe I should check out the developers information on the IdeaSpacevr website to be able to control all this.

    I tested with .obj 4096x4096 jpg and I will try some other formats as well. I also used 8192x8192 jpg ISVR scales it down to 4096x4096 unfortunately. I like very detailed textures although it might be overkill, so I will reconsider using such big files as texture files. In my photogrammetry software and on Sketchfab, my models look good and the viewport navigation is great. I will try to decimate the meshes and textures, so they will load more quickly when I will serve my models online eventually.

    So my only concern i how the viewport behaves and navigates. I do not use nor target VR users, but mainly PC screen users as not many people employ a VR system as yet.

  • Hello @Miguel

    when editing your model content in ISVR, did you see the fields "Model Scale in VR" (used instead of live pan and zoom) and "Camera Distance to Model When Not Viewed in VR"? Do these parameters help to get a better perspective?

    If you would like to keep the textures in your high resolution dimensions, I could consider adding a parameter which says something like "do not scale textures"...

    Is live pan and zoom necessary in your opinion?

    If you could share your model files I could test it on my end as well. I aim for making the 3D Model theme as good as Sketchfab. 😉

  • Hi @WeddingDJ

    Yes I saw those fields, I must have misunderstood where they are for. I think also, that the distorted perspective might have something to do with my models not being centered in the viewport. I guess this should be done before uploading. I will do some more tests this evening.

    It would be good to have a navigation style similar to the other 3D online viewers like Autodesk, P3D and Sketchfab, so the user experience will be intuitive and similar. Being able to live zoom, pan, tilt and orbit around would be a very nice improvement. I do not care for some sort of "model inspector" but it would be nice to be able to do shading on the model and a also a shadeless option. My models show up best with no shading. Also, to be able to switch off vertex colors would be good, that way only the photo textures show up. In general, with vertex colors, my models have a bit bumpy quality on parts with less texture like skin, with Meshmixer or Meshlab this can be corrected, but it is an extra step in the process then. And an option to disable downscaling from 8192x8192 would be nice, so big (full body) scans keep a good resolution, at the expense of using more resources obviously.

    I would be happy to provide you with one of my models for testing and if I can be of any help, I would be glad to help testing as well. I am no coder unfortunately.

    And yes, to be able to assign logins as a plugin for users so they can have their own space or protected area, that would also be nice.

  • @ Weddingdj

    For the Ideaspace 3D models theme, you use the webVR API. Maybe it would be a good idea to use webGL API/framework for 3d model viewing? There are a lot of frameworks like babylon.js, three.js, blend4web etc. Just a suggestion.. I'm looking into this matter but for me it is too difficult to develop such a theme.

  • @Miguel I am using A-Frame which uses three.js which uses the WebVR API. VR is an important part of the theme because it allows you to teleport around the 3D model in VR.

    Thanks for your detailed previous answer, I am no 3D specialist but I take your suggestions into account. I think if I can integrate similar functionality from Sketchfab for the theme, it would be already cool.

    Could you send me a link per email where I could download your model?

  • @ weddingdj

    I have sent you a download link for a body scan model. It would be cool to mimic Sketchfab navigation for shure! I understand you had VR headset in mind when you developed this theme. One question, you should create one space per model, am I correct?

  • @Miguel I got the model, thank you.

    Yes the 3D model theme just supports one model per theme, but I am working on an "overview" theme with preview thumbnails which allows to you to link to spaces (containing each a model).

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