Adding Hotspot Annotations Error

  • Hi All,

    @WeddingDJ , any idea on this error:


    It occurs after I add a hotpsot text annotation to the 360 photo tour theme.

    If I go back and remove the annotation, the preview works fine...

    Thanks man.


  • This post is deleted!

  • @WeddingDJ , please advise on this after all, seems to be an issue and is somehow intermittent, in the sense that one can preview a Space with just a photo sphere, but this error only seems to start after one adds an information hotspot:

    The error is referring to this section of the isvr-scene.js file of the IdeaSpace 360 photo tour:

    document.querySelector('#no-hmd-intro').setAttribute('visible', true);

    As always, thanks again for your prompt assistance.


  • @jaysonvdw Looks like a bug, thanks for reporting. Will try to reproduce. So you have one photo sphere and one hotspot in the scene?

  • @jaysonvdw I could not reproduce this error.

    I cannot image a case where #no-hmd-intro would be null since it always exists (in views/scene.php).

    Do you have an example scene online where you get this error so I could take a look?

  • Hey @WeddingDJ , yeah, weird one. I just removed that part of the variable and things are working fine now so I'm too scared to change anything or fiddle.

    Thanks for checking though!

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