Viewing of Published Themes

  • Hello,

    I'd just like to confirm, (since I'm not at a point to be able to test this as yet)- if I had an instance of IdeaSpace deployed to the live web and then created a space, specified a URL and changed the status to "Published", that Space would be available for viewing to anyone with that URL (and an internet connection of course), and not just to me, is that correct?

  • That is correct. Would you need password protected spaces?

  • Great.

    Nope, wouldn't need password protected spaces. I would potentially want only certain themes to be visible to certain users though, ideally based on login. (Not published spaces, but themes in IdeaSpace itself).

    Is there a way to do this currently?

  • @jaysonvdw Not without coding. But I was thinking if I could offer a plugin or something to allow the creation of registration / multi-user spaces, since a couple of people asked for it.

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