IdeaSpaceVR Release v1.1.0

  • This release contains some minor bug fixes, general improvements and two new field types.

    • Introduced rotation field type
    • Introduced space reference field type
    • Corrected mandatory theme config fields
    • Updated themes to reflect mandatory field type changes
    • Updated IdeaSpace 360 Photo Tour theme in order to support precise positioning of info hotspots
    • Added a REST endpoint to request space content by specifying the content id
    • Settings: added fields to settings page for Origin Trial Token for Chrome to enable WebVR
    • Added config/app.php parameter to disable user authentication
    • Support tif / tiff texture files (3D models)
    • Updated IdeaSpace 3D Model theme to better support Oculus Rift touch controllers
    • Bug fix: language switch in Settings works now
    • Upgraded to A-Frame 0.7.1
    • Support for glTF 2.0 models added

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