Jittering in VR mode with Android Phone

  • Hello! I am testing IdeaSpaceVR in my website because I want to create virtual tours from 3D renderings. However, when I use my phone with vr mode the panoramas start jittering...even when I am looking at the demos of the themes. I am using an Android phone and I noticed that it doesn't happen with iPhones. Do you know what is happening? When I use Google VR view without ideaSpaceVR (I use a wordpress plugin) everything is ok. Thank you!

  • Hello,

    Is there a jitter if you use this theme? https://www.ideaspacevr.org/themes/vr-view-360-image-with-hotspot-navigation
    This theme is using Google VR View as well.

    On my Nexus 5, which is quite old, all themes work fine without jitter, using the latest Google Chrome browser. A jitter could occur if the phone is very old and it has problems rendering the photo spheres smoothly.

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