Installing IdeaSpaceVR

  • Hello, I am trying to use IdeaSpaceVR on my website. However, I am unable to complete the installation. So far, I have transferred the files into the vr folder.

    I have made a database named IdeaSpaceVR.
    But how would VR know where to look for that database? If i navigate to websiteurl/vr i get error 404.
    On your website it says to enter commands into apache, but i have no idea where to do this.
    Is there some file in the VR folders that establishes the database connection where i can edit something so that i can navigate to url/vr and complete the installation?

    Otherwise, could you give me a step by step explanation of where and how i can enable mod rewrite?
    (i dont even know where i can access apache, let alone find the command line terminal)


  • @wubs23 Could you give more details on why you are unable to complete the installation? Where did the installation process stop?
    During the installation you are asked to enter the database information so you don't have to manually configure anything.

    Concerning the mod_rewrite: are you on a shared hosting provider? Most providers already have this parameter enabled.

  • @WeddingDJ Sure.
    I am following the instructions on this page:

    I have completed step one and two. In step three I decided to make a folder named vr and completed step three.
    If I now, in step four, go to the url/vr, i get the error 404.
    Hence my question about the mod rewrite. Since this was suggested on that page.

    Hope you can help me🙂

  • @wubs23 You should not get a 404 when you go to url/vr even if mod_rewrite is not enabled. Are you sure you copied all files into the vr directory, even the .htaccess file, which is very important?

  • @WeddingDJ
    I am very sure. The htaccess file is also there, i checked. But I will delete the folder and unzip everything again and reupload them to check.

  • Reuploading all the files, and uploading them to the root folder instead of a folder named [vr] seemd to do the trick. It is now up and running. Thanks again for your help.

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