IdeaSpaceVR Release v1.0.2

    • Bug fix: featured space on front page for anonymous user caused error
    • Updated IdeaSpace 360 theme: better looking annotations, Gear VR / Daydream controller support added
    • Added new IdeaSpace 3D Model theme supporting Gear VR / Daydream with controller
    • Field type position: #content array uses now field keys
    • Field type color: default color is black
    • Allow *.tga textures for 3D models
    • Texture image files are not renamed anymore after uploading, because it can break texture file reference in *.mtl files (and others)
    • Stay on spaces deleted page after deleting a space
    • Added #default_value for field type color (theme config.php)
    • Updated to A-Frame v0.6.1
    • glTF 3D models support added (types: embedded and binary, *.gltf and *.glb)
    • Bugfix: prevent *.obj and *.mtl files from renaming after uploading
    • Google Blocks 3D model support added

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