Initial IdeaSpace Release v0.3.0

  • I am happy to announce the first IdeaSpace release!

    These are the main features:

    • The focus of the initial release is on managing equirectangular images and providing a basic photo sphere theme.

    • Uploaded images are resized to fit the "power of two rule" for image sizes and thumbnail images are created for the theme navigation menu.

    • The theme API is kept to a minimum at this release, focusing on images and text controls.

    • There are two example themes shipped with this release: a photo sphere viewer and a hello world theme.

    • Published spaces can be embedded on external websites by using the embed code provided on the space edit page. IdeaSpace implements CORS (cross-origin resource sharing) in order to enable loading of assets from a different domain name.

    • The front page features a list of latest published spaces or a single space (configure in "Settings").



  • I would like to have tutorials how to make these beautiful things!

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