Linking two models or scales

  • Dear IdeaSpaceVR Crew,

    I started a city-planning project with Your great 3d-Object-Template and set up a terrain, in a next step I will try to add houses to the terrain.

    What now would be really cool, if there could be Links or Hotspots inside the models to jump to another model (maybe in another scale) OR/AND if I could resize the model scale inside the VR-Environment, with some kind of device.

    I tried to insert a Link to another Space/Template/3d-Modell in the Info-Box, but they not seem to work as a link

    I think the Link-feature could really boot the use of the this already amazing CMS.

    Best, Dominique

  • @stinanickel Looks like an interesting project, but currently the 3D template does not support linking to objects, although it is a great idea. I am curious, do you use a VR headset or a web browser or both?

  • Hi WeddingDJ,
    Thanks for Your reply! I use Oculus Quest and the Webinterface – for the understanding of the landscape a headset is unavoidable... with a Link feature one could jump from "landscape mode" into the actual everyday scale of a site, – I am interested in what size relation to the body could be most suitable for city planning, maybe a scale in-between the two... I keep You posted 🙂

  • Hi again,

    I ve just tried to link from a Compass Blogpost to a Model Template URL, but it works only in the Web interface. When in VR the link just jumps out of the experience to open the next space. Is there any of the templates that could directly link to a Model-Themes URL?

    Here is my start:

    Here is where I want to get:

    Thanks for any advice.

  • I guess you are talking about navigating with Oculus Browser, right? In VR, you navigate to your blog post and click the link and it opens in a completely new space. This is the behaviour of WebVR. It is part of the standard and there is no way to change that, unless the blog and model would already be inside the same space, which is not the case. And that would need a template which allows that, which does not exist... hope it helps.

  • @WeddingDJ I see! So the only way would be including all models/parts into one space, which at the moment is not a good idea, since the models are already quite complex.

    Which possibilities You see for progressive loading of parts of a model. Is there a WebVR compatible streaming option, like 3d Tiles (CESIUM) or MSFT_lod so that some parts that are not used anymore could then be "unloaded" ... I guess not an easy task yet 🙂

  • @stinanickel I guess a game engine would provide loading meshes on proximity (LOD)... maybe babylonjs. I think Cryptovoxels implemented something like that.

    But it would be doable to load meshes on demand inside the blog space and maybe somehow unload them.

    What do you envision?

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