Viewing Space Text Only

  • Thanks for the help on this one. I am a little stumped as most things to do with IdeaSpaceVR appear to work: loading spheres and images, creating text links, adding themes, creating spaces, etc.--even viewing spheres by clicking VR View in a specific asset.

    However, previewing or viewing a published sphere results in a plain text page without any VR components. The visible text is just the name of each sphere asset and configured link.

    No errors in the Apache server log, nor tail -f laravel.log. Tested on Firefox and Safari for MacOS.


    What next?

  • Solved.

    AllowOverride was set to None, and FollowSymLinks and SymLinksIfOwnerMatch were not enabled, therefore the .htaccess file was not functioning.

    This would be worthwhile detecting and adding to the laravel.log


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