Navigation between photospheres

  • According to
    this pre-installed theme allows navigation from one photosphere to another - as demonstrated in the preview
    I have installed the package but cannot find any trace of a page where you can attach navigational hotspots, only informational ones.
    Am I missing something?

  • The preview may have been confusing because there was an informational link discussing taking a path to view another lake, which was discussing the physical location rather than sphere navigation.

    This theme does allow moving from sphere to sphere, and does this by presenting a series of thumbnails. It's a bit cumbersome, but that's how it works.

    P.S. An overview map (i.e. you are here) with hotspot links would be golden.

  • @gnurob Yes exactly, it maybe is a bit misleading, that's why there is the IdeaSpace 360 Photo Tour Pro theme.

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