Where is the "VR View 360 Video Gallery theme"?

  • I have installed the latest version of IdeaSpaceVR, and so far everything is working well. Now, I want to upload and view a 360° video, but there is no "VR View 360 Video Gallery theme" which, according to the readme on GitHub, should be "preinstalled with the latest IdeaSpaceVR version". I also tried the "IdeaSpace 360 theme", but there is no option to insert a 360° video (photo sphere only).
    Therefore, it is necessary to install the GitHub VR-View-360-Video-Gallery separately?

  • @DZenker The VR-View-360-Video-Gallery theme has been removed a while ago, since it is not working in VR headsets. You could try to download and install the theme from the repository which you found. It should still work.

  • @WeddingDJ Thanks for your reply!
    Meanwhile, I've installed the VR-View-360-Video-Gallery theme and basically it's working, but a 360° video is displayed correctly in Chrome only. In Firefox which supports WebXR for a while now, panning doesn't work anymore, as display is based on Google's vrview.js.
    In contrast, the preview of the 360° video in the asset section is working perfectly, as it's based on A-Frame. Are you planning to update the VR-View-360-Video-Gallery theme accordingly? Alternatively, the IdeaSpace 360 basic theme could be extended to support the integration of both, 360° photo and video spheres.

    IMO IdeaSpaceVR is a really interesting system and could be very useful especially for the education sector to avoid dependency on commercial (and expensive) solutions. @WeddingDJ: how many developers are currently working on IdeaSpaceVR?


  • @DZenker Hello Dietmar, thank you for your feedback! It is very much welcome! Yes, the current themes could be extended to support 360 videos, that's true. But I always thought that 360 videos properly implemented would need some sort of streaming, in order to avoid long waiting times. What do you think?

    The number of developers is 1, just me myself and I.

    Many greetings!

  • @WeddingDJ I'm thinking about to develop a new "360° video" theme with a-frame - shouldn't be so difficult since I could use the already existing 360 theme as template.

    Meanwhile, I've also taken a closer look at the 3D model theme and realized that animations do not work. As we would like to use animated 3D models in our academic e-learning scenarios, I've implemented this in our IdeaSpaceVR installation with the animation-mixer component (part of a-frame-extras). So far this works with gltf models only, and I've made a pull request for it (only 2 lines of code that had to be changed).

    Many greetings form Germany,

  • @DZenker I just merged your PR, thanks a lot!

  • @DZenker And yeah, developing a 360 video theme shouldn't be that hard, especially if you load videos just progessively.

  • Hello,

    Let me say first of all that this is a great app that will save my life!
    I'm working on installing it to test it and I'm actually interested in the 360 video theme/feature. Even if doesn't work with headsets, I'm still using it.

    I would like to help developing a theme but I have exactly 0 skill in development.
    But I know that you can use DASH streaming with three.js. I hope hearing that a theme for that is in progress! that'll be really great!

  • @ramiouanes Thank you for your message. It is motivating to see that there are people who would need such a theme. The more people ask for it, the faster it would ship. 😉

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