Where is the "VR View 360 Video Gallery theme"?

  • I have installed the latest version of IdeaSpaceVR, and so far everything is working well. Now, I want to upload and view a 360° video, but there is no "VR View 360 Video Gallery theme" which, according to the readme on GitHub, should be "preinstalled with the latest IdeaSpaceVR version". I also tried the "IdeaSpace 360 theme", but there is no option to insert a 360° video (photo sphere only).
    Therefore, it is necessary to install the GitHub VR-View-360-Video-Gallery separately?

  • @DZenker The VR-View-360-Video-Gallery theme has been removed a while ago, since it is not working in VR headsets. You could try to download and install the theme from the repository which you found. It should still work.

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